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A love of drawing 

Together with the artists Susanna Inglada, Koen Taselaar and Fatima Barznge I'm creating the exhibition Liefde voor tekenen, showing pieces of the NOG collection. This collection focuses on drawing in the broad sense. The 3 artist-curators choose works from the collection that relate to their own artistic practice. Liefde voor tekenen opens July 5th '24 at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. The exhibition comes with an extensive catalogue, to which I also contribute.

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weaving together

For QKunst, I worked on the exhibition Samenweven at the provincial government building in The Hague. The exhibition connects a new generation of textile artists to the pioneers from the 20th century in the collection of the Province of South Holland. On view until mid December 2023.

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I was one of the 3 mentors of the 18th edition of De Belofte (The Promise), a development program for recently graduated artists initiated by Kunstliefde in Utrecht. The 8 artists created a group show titled Façade, on show from June to July 2023. 


hidden in stone

As a junior curator at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, I curated this introduction to the innovative oeuvre of Schiedam sculptor Piet van Stuivenberg (1901-1988). 

Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

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from primal beast to smoking croissant

On the occasion of the reopening of the renovated Stedelijk Museum Schiedam in May 2022, this exhibition combined new acquisitions with 'classics' from the collection.  As a junior curator, I co-curated the show.
Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn


gonzález, picasso & friends

During my second MA internship in 2017, I worked for one year as the assistant curator of the exhibition González, Picasso & friends at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag - a collaboration with the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, the IVAM in Valencia and the MNAC in Barcelona, among others.



For QKunst, I curated the exhibition Symbiose featuring works of Emmy van de Grift and Jamie Nee, who share an interest in natural ecosystems. On view at the Social Impact Factory (Vredenburg) in Utrecht until mid December 2023.

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freedom of thought

For QKunst, I curated the  exhibition Vrijheid van denken at the new location of the Social Impact Factory in Utrecht (Aan de Gracht). Honouring the feminist writer and composer Belle van Zuylen (1740-1805), who used to live in the historic building, the exhibition showed pieces by Utrecht based female artists.

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For QKunst, I curated the exhibition Roots at the Social Impact Factory, a hotspot for social entrepreneurship in Utrecht. The emerging artists Samira Charroud & Ibraheem Paling showed intriguing pieces that reflect on their dual cultural identity. 


festival of love

As a junior curator at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, I curated a show of a lesser known but fascinating part of the oeuvre of sculptor Lotti van der Gaag (1923-1999): her vibrant paintings and drawings from the 1960s to the 1990s.
Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

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An eye for your surroundings 

For QKunst, I co-curated this exhibition at the Social Impact Factory, a hotspot for social entrepreneurship in Utrecht. At SIF, we organize exhibitions with emerging Utrecht based artists. This edition they were Britte Koolen and Tim Wunderink.


lek art

During my first MA internship in 2016, I worked as an assistant curator on an art festival featuring contemporary art in an ecological neighbourhood in Culemborg.

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