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liefde voor tekenen

The dutch catalogue of the exhibition A love of drawing includes interviews with the 3 artist-curators Susanna Inglada, Koen Taselaar, Fatima Barznge and descriptive texts about the works of art by me. The book will be released in July '24, when the exhibition opens at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Publisher: Wbooks.


The artist as expert on hesitation

This article is a short essay on the role of hesitation and doubt within contemporary artistic practice, and the position of artists in - what we call - the art world. I wrote the article for the 118th issue of Tubelight, themed doubt (11-2021).


Pablo Picasso & Julio González

This article about Picasso and González at the World fair in Paris in 1937 is connected to my internship and thesis research on the Catalan sculptor Julio González and was published in Article 20, Journal of Art History, University of Utrecht (5-2018).

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-11 om 20.47.50.png

Picasso's print The Frugal Meal

In the context of the exhibition González, Picasso & friends, I wrote an online article about Le Repas frugal (1904) by Picasso, part of the collection of Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-11 om 20.55_edited.jpg

Women's Palette

Vrouwenpalet 1900-1950 was an exhibition of twentieth century women artists at Museum De Wieger, Museum Drachten and Kunsthal Rotterdam (until April 2023). For the catalogue, I wrote the biographies of Edith van Leckwyck, Nola Hatterman and Karin van Leyden.

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-11-18 om 11.12.50.png

Hidden surprises. Utrecht artist studios

I wrote an article about artist studios in Utrecht for the second edition of the Kunstwerkboek, a publication from care institution AxionContinu about contemporary art, written for the elderly in Utrecht (10-2020).

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-11 om 20.45.06.png

the Cactus man by Julio González

In the context of the exhibition González, Picasso & friends, I wrote an online article about Hombre Cactus (1939), a key work of Julio González in the collection of Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag - González - Foto Maurice Haak (1a) kopie_edited_edited.jpg
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